Upcoming Gigs for March...

Tuesday, 3/11/14:
The Tedtones - The Chapel, SF - 9:00pm
Thursday, 3/13/14
The Tedtones - The Lucky Horseshoe, SF - 9:00pm
Friday, 3/14/14
The Cottontails - Speisekammer, Alameda - 8:30pm
Saturday, 3/15/14
The Tedtones - The Riptide, SF - 9:30pm
Sunday, 3/16/14
The Cottontails - The Riptide, SF - 7:30pm
Monday, 3/17/14 ♣
The Cottontails - The Chapel, SF - 8:00pm
Wednesday, 3/19/14
The Amnesiacs - Amnesia, SF - 6:00pm
Gaucho - Amnesia, SF - 8:00pm
Thursday, 3/20/14
Ralph Carney's Serious Organ Project - The Lucky Horseshoe, SF - 9:00pm
Saturday, 3/29/14
Mr. Lucky and the Cocktail Party - The Ritespot, SF - 9:00pm



Shows coming up January 2014!

Wednesday, 1/22/14:
Howell Devine - Biscuits and Blues - 7:30pm
JD Wilkes and the Dirt Daubers - Rickshaw Stop - 10pm
Friday, 1/24/14
Lou Lou and the Gypsy Jivers - Red Poppy Art House - 7:30pm
Sunday, 1/26/14
Circus Bella - JCCSF - 11am, 2pm
Wednesday, 1/29/14
Ralph Carney's Serious Jass Project - The Chapel - 9pm
Thursday, 1/30/14
Ralph Carney's Serious Jass Project - The Lucky Horseshoe - 9pm

I am playing bass saxophone on this new St Vincent track, Digital Witness




new interview with Ralph

Originally published here:

Click the image to watch the full video interview with Ralph.


Ralph Carney Solo show June 23rd, S.F. JAZZ FEST!

Ralph Carney

Sunday, June 23, 5:00pm
at Church of the Advent

Ralph Carney
Solo Series: Solo Sacred Space  

Ralph Carney

Straddling the line between jazz virtuoso and eccentric genius, woodwind master Ralph Carney has been a ubiquitous presence in pop, experimental music and jazz for over 30 years. The Akron Ohio native honed his expansive approach in the 70s as part of Woodstock’s Creative Music Studio that supported other boundary-pushing figures including reed master Anthony Braxton, pianist Cecil Taylor and trumpeter Don Cherry. Carney became one of the most in-demand horn players in the session scene of the 80s and 90s, adding his singular style to records with the B-52s, Frank Black, Elvis Costello, Marc Ribot, William S. Burroughs and producer Hal Willner. It was during this time that Carney met Tom Waits and subsequently appeared on many of Waits’ greatest albums, including Rain Dogs, Frank’s Wild Years and Bone Machine, and had a featured role in Waits’ big screen concert film Big Time. A Bay Area resident since the mid-80s, Carney has continues to lend his talents to sessions with Waits and his younger cousin Patrick’s band, The Black Keys. He began recording under his own name in the 90s, releasing a number of highly personal albums as a solo artist and with his Serious Jass Project, culminating in 2011’s Seriously. He brings a soulful mix of the arcane and the experimental to this solo performance.

Artist Personnel

Ralph Carney woodwinds

Artist Website

"...Carney playing spoons as if they were castanets then shifting to a weird twin-reed instrument that looks like an iris stalk and sounds like nothing else. Sometime along the way the irrepressible Carney plays a couple of instruments at once, blows on a musette, sings Noh vocals, plays a slide clarinet and slide whistle and is otherwise incorrigible." — San Francisco Examiner

"Ralph's great... He's guided by some other source of information. He's like a broken toy that works better than before it was broken." — Tom Waits